What Does the Program Cost?

Pathway Students will pay the appropriate tuition and fees for each institution and must meet the appropriate deadlines for each institution.

Because financial disbursement at Ivy Tech is later than at Purdue, students will need to sign up for the installment plan for their Purdue balance through their MyPurdue by the first day of the semester to keep their Purdue classes from being cancelled. If the student requires any special assistance, they will need to contact the Bursar's Office at Purdue University via email (askbursar@purdue.edu)

  Like all new Purdue students, to participate in Purdue's Boiler Gold Rush, the weeklong orientation program, students must pay the program fee.
  To participate in Purdue's recreational sports programs, Pathway students must pay the fee required of non-degree-seeking students (click here for membership pricing).

Financial Aid

As a degree-seeking Ivy Tech student in the Pathway program, you will apply for financial aid through Ivy Tech's Financial Aid Office. When completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), list Ivy Tech as your first school (Ivy Tech's School Code: 009917) and then include Purdue West Lafayette as your second school (Purdue West Lafayette School Code: 001825). To be considered for financial aid, college students must complete a FAFSA each year.

The Division of Financial Aid at Purdue works with the Financial Aid department at Ivy Tech to notify Ivy Tech of the enrollment hours at Purdue and if the student has housing fees at Purdue. The budget at Ivy Tech will then be increased as needed to reflect the need for additional aid for housing or if the student qualifies for state aid for enrollment hours and costs.


  If a student is expecting scholarships at Purdue, they will need to notify us via email (facontact@purdue.edu) so that the Division of Financial Aid can authorize the aid manually.

Both Ivy Tech and the Purdue College of Agriculture continue to seek additional scholarship support for Pathway students.