What is Pathway to Purdue Agriculture?

Pathway to Purdue Agriculture is a partnership between the Purdue University College of Agriculture and Ivy Tech Community College-Lafayette designed to help make higher education even more accessible to Indiana students.
The program allows Ivy Tech students to co-enroll at Purdue in preparation for an undergraduate degree in the College of Agriculture. Pathway students will take courses simultaneously at both institutions with the goal of earning a Bachelor of Science degree in agriculture from Purdue.

Students will participate in activities to support their academic development and have all the benefits of full-time students at both institutions. On the Purdue campus that includes access to libraries, student housing, recreational facilities (for an additional fee), computer labs, student organizations, and athletic events.

Pathway to Purdue Agriculture is limited to students who wish to study agriculture. It is also only available through the Ivy Tech - Lafayette and Purdue University - West Lafayette locations. The program starts in the fall semester only.

Pathway students will take the majority of their general education courses as full-time students at Ivy Tech. Concurrently, they will take at least one course each fall and spring semester as non-degree-seeking students at Purdue.

  Pathway students who live in Purdue student residences will have access to parking permits for use at that location on campus as well as free access to Greater Lafayette's CityBus public transportation system.

Transferring to Purdue

Criteria for a Pathway student to transfer from Ivy Tech to Purdue:

  •   Complete the requirements for an associate degree in agriculture at Ivy Tech
  •   Submit a final high school transcript
  •   Submit a final Ivy Tech transcript
  •   Submit any additional transcripts from other institutions attended since high school graduation
  •   Earn a cumulative 2.5 GPA or better (Some Purdue Agriculture majors may require a higher GPA.)
  •   Earn at least a 2.0 grade in each course for transfer credit to apply
  •   Complete four Purdue agriculture courses on the West Lafayette campus
  •   Meet high school subject matter expectations

While Pathway students must apply for admission to Purdue as transfer students, they will not need to pay an application fee. If students meet all of the criteria above, admission into Purdue's College of Agriculture is guaranteed.

Once transferred, a student pays Purdue's tuition rates and receives financial aid from Purdue.

Purdue Agricultural Majors

While most of the Purdue agriculture majors work with the plan as described above, there are some that are more difficult to transfer into from Ivy Tech.

It is not advisable to use the Pathway to Purdue Agriculture program to transfer into the following majors:

  •   Agricultural Engineering
  •   Aquatic Sciences
  •   Biological Engineering
  •   Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
  •   Forestry
  •   Wildlife

The following programs may work with the Pathway to Purdue Agriculture with careful course selection during the first two years. Please contact the Purdue department advisor for guidance:

  •   Landscape Architecture
  •   Biochemistry
  •   Natural Resources and Environmental Science